Thursday, 5 April 2007

Themes – Garden-themed wedding

Outdoor garden weddings are increasingly popular with modern brides. More and more couples are willing to take the calculated risk (through careful planning) of adverse weather to get the wedding day they’ve always dreamed about.

Choosing the date is probably the biggest task. Weather is one of the most important factor on a garden wedding. Plan carefully with The Weather Channel’s Wedding Weather planner.

Use lots of white. White will bring out the luscious freshness of the greenery in the garden. White will also inspire a soft elegance which contrasts with nature and the outdoors. If you’d like some colour, choose soft pastel colours to allow the natural greens and other colours of the garden shine.

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Depending on your preference, you could point your garden theme in two ways – an elegant Victorian type garden wedding or a more natural feel.

For the elegant Victorian type garden wedding, use white linens, white plates and white napkins.

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For the natural-feel garden wedding, use lots and lots of flowers. Incorporate butterflies, dragonflies, lady bugs etc into your decoration. Have a birdbath and let your guests make a wish for you both by throwing coins. Donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

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If you’re having your garden wedding at dusk, don’t forget lots and lots of candles in votive holders. You can use the candles to light the pathway for your departure. Use candles in lamps for romantic lighting options. Drape fairylights around the trees and other plants.

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Remember to work with the nature around you. Gardens provide the perfect setting for any type of feel you want. Just touch it up a little and you’ll have your perfect wedding setting.

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