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Reception - More tips to cut your wedding reception budget

Limit the number of guests at your reception

Be very strict with your guest list. If an acquaintance invited you to his/her wedding 5 years ago and you haven't seen him/her since then, feel free to strike them off the list. Guilt-free.

If your venue allows it, bring your own drinks and food

Buy in bulk in advance. Look out for specials in your local supermarket or bottle shop up to even 6 months before the wedding. You may feel like you're being paranoid but you'll be thankful closer to your wedding date that you were prepared early on.

Limit your drink selections at the bar

Limit the selections to soft drinks, beer, wine and one signature drink.

Have a destination wedding

If you are really strapped for cash, have your wedding in a location where your guests will have to travel. It may be surprising but destination weddings are on average cheaper than a normal wedding. This is partly attributed to a shorter guest list and the fact that most of the wedding cost is shifted to the guest. It may be your chance to have your dream wedding in an exotic destination.

Have the reception dinner the night before your wedding

Re-use most of the flowers from your reception dinner. Just add more flowers on your wedding day. That way, you pay for less flowers.

Consider getting married in an off-season or on a less popular day of the week

Most venues and vendors offer discounts during these periods / days. Having a cocktail reception or a champagne brunch instead of a traditional dinner reception can cut approximately 25% off your costs.

Be selective about your bridal party

Of course it would be ideal if you could include all your best friends, sisters and close cousins in your bridal party. But you have to be practical. Choose people who are relliable and can help you in planning and executing your wedding. The average number of bridesmaids in a wedding is four.

Use your contacts

If you know a graphic designer, ask him/her for a favour to design your wedding invitations. If you know a DJ in a club, ask them if they'll be willing to DJ at your wedding. More often than not they'll offer you mates rates, or not charge you at all!

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