Friday, 13 April 2007

Planning - Statistics and facts about weddings

Unsure if you're going overboard with your wedding plans? Here are some statistics for comparison to see if you are overdoing your big day.


  • The average age of a groom is 31 in 2003
  • The average age of a bride is 29 in 2003
  • 57% of wedding ceremonies in Australia in 2003 are civil ceremonies


  • The most popular months for weddings in Australia are March and November
  • The most unpopular months for weddings in Australia are June and July

How much?

  • The average cost of a wedding in Australia is $39,114
  • On average, a couple pays for 75% of the wedding cost while their parents supplement the other 25%
  • The average price of an engagement ring bought by Australian couples is $4,461
  • 22% of couples spend more than $6000 on their engagement ring
  • The average price spent by an Australian bride on her gown is $1,940
  • On the wedding day, the Australian bride spends on average $466 on hair and makeup
  • On average, Australian couples spend $6,106 on their honeymoons
Cut your budget with these tips:

Top 10 tips wedding budget tips
More tips to cut your wedding reception budget

Reception details.
  • The average number of bridesmaids at a wedding is 4
  • The average number of guests at a wedding reception is 189
  • Majority of brides plan their weddings 7 to 12 months before the date


HamiHarri said...

Interesting post :) I think it is neat that Australia's least popular months to get married are two of Canada's most popular months :)

synergy said...

Thanks. I think it's because we're in different Hemispheres. June and July are the coldest winter months in Australia.