Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Planning - More unique ways to personalise your wedding

1. Set up a welcoming and comfortable lounge area where guests can take a break from all the dancing and drinking.

2. If you met on a "blind" date, get your guests into the "blind" date theme by getting them to pick their table assignments out of a hat at your rehearsal dinner.

3. Name and decorate tables after places that are important to you as a couple. You could set up a few different "corners" that represent these places.

4. Put some pressed flower petals with the ceremony program for a garden-themed wedding.

5. Serve only wines from the year that you met or got engaged.

6. Put up a photo slideshow with photographs from your childhoods through to the present.

Sample "This is your life" Photo Slideshow from i-Weddings. Create your own "This is your life" Photo Slideshow from a special introductory price of $160. Another sample here.

7. For your first dance, use the same song as your parents did during their first dance. Or put together a medley of the first dances songs of both the groom and bride's parents.

8. Get a cartoonist friend to illustrate highlights of your courtship and print them on the ceremony programs.

9. Get your bridemaids to carry fancy parasols instead of a bouquet while walking down the aisle for a garden wedding.

10. Make a special photo guest book filled with your favourite photos for your guests to sign.

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Terrica said...

What fabulous ideas! Wonderful post!

synergy said...

Thanks, Terrica. Keep coming back for more!

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