Saturday, 30 June 2007

Fashion - iLoveThese hair week

Kelly will be getting married in November this year in the Gold Coast in Queensland. She emailed i-Weddings last week requesting for some ideas for her bridal hair.

Hi! I'm Kelly from the Gold Coast in Queensland. I absolutely love your blog especially the iLoveThese idea palette. They've been so helpful in my wedding planning journey.

I'll be getting married to the sweetest and most lovable man in the world on 10 November this year. I noticed that the iLoveThese palettes have never featured bridal hair styles before. Please, please, please would you be kind enough to put up some iLoveThese palettes for hair?

Thank you heaps!


Well Kelly, we won't only be featuring one iLoveThese palettes on hair styles, we'll have a WHOLE WEEK of iLoveThese hair styles. Just for you, Kelly! Good luck with your wedding planning.

Keep coming back throughout this week for more iLoveThese hair from i-Weddings.

iLoveThese hair

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