Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Planning - Savings for a Wedding by Lacey and Tanner

I should be working. Instead I'm surfing the net, living vicariously off blogs of couples planning their weddings.

Lacey left a comment on the M&M bomboniere post. So I checked out her wedding blog. And it's great and very unique. Which fits right into i-Weddings' vision that all weddings should be unique and reflect the personality of the bride and groom.

Lacey and Tanner's blog, Savings for a Wedding, is about their journey towards their big day. It's not any typical journey. The blog is more about them trying to raise enough money for them to have their dream wedding in Vegas.

They're planning to have their wedding at the Venetian in Las Vegas (correct me if I'm wrong, Lacey). And I loved The Venetian when I was visiting Vegas. It is the best hotel on the strip.

So head over to Lacey's and Tanner's blog and help them raise money for their dream wedding. Otherwise, just go and learn from their experiences.

Good luck Lacey and Tanner!


Lacey said...

Wow, Thank you so much! You should have a nice post coming for you real soon :)

My comments should be up and running right now, but if they're not, they definitely will be by tomorrow. My hosting company is making some tweaks.

Talk to you soon!

synergy said...

Thanks, Lacey. I really do hope you exceed your targetted $5000 savings for your wedding! And you do have an interesting angle to the whole wedding blog thing! :D

HamiHarri said...

Hey Synergy! That sounds great! I'm adding your link now :) Your site looks great by the way!

synergy said...

Thanks, HamiHarri. I love your idea on the clear stamp. Next post is on that! :D