Friday, 4 May 2007

Gifts - Elegant gifts for your wedding party

Boy, am I excited about these latest additions to the i-Weddings collection.

We're expanding our products to now include gifts for your wedding attendants. Show them how much you appreciate their help and participation in your wedding without emptying your bank account.

These and plenty more at the i-Weddings website! And all of them can be personalised with the message of your choice!

For your female attendants or the mother of the bride or groom:

"Tic-Tac-Toe Coaster Set" $44.95 each set

"Three is not a crowd salt, pepper and sugar shakers set" $34.95 each set

"Travel grooming set" $29.95 each

"Perfect fit salt and pepper shakers" $29.95 each pair

And I didn't forget about your male attendants. These are some simple yet useful gifts they will appreciate:

"Stainless steel mouse pad" $34.95 each

"Leather namecard case" $29.95 each

"Chess set" $54.95 each set

"Travel lamp" $29.95 each


Lacey said...

Would you like to do a link trade with my wedding blog? My site is Saving for a Wedding and I'm trying to find other wedding blog friends to trade links with.

Email me at if you'd like to. Thanks!

synergy said...

Lacey! We've traded links... haven't we? See sidebar on "Real Couples". Your link is already there. :-D

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