Thursday, 1 February 2007

The Origin of i-Weddings

The idea to start a company formed when I was planning my own wedding two years ago. I was looking around for bomboniere and wedding favours for my guests.

I was still working in Asia but my fiancé was working in Perth. On one of my visits to Perth, I looked around for these bomboniere. I thought since they are the norm in Perth, they will be abundantly available.

To my horror, I was faced with very limited choices within my budget. And I wanted to be different. I mean who doesn’t? I found every store I went to had almost identical bomboniere to the previous on I went to.

I was disappointed.

After my wedding, I thought that introducing a bold new range of bomboniere and wedding gifts to the Australian market will be a good business idea. The aim was to provide more choices to brides in Australia who are looking to express their individuality.

That was more than one year ago. Since then I’ve had so many happy couples telling me how refreshing it is to see such unique bomboniere available in Australia.

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