Sunday, 30 November 2008

More iLoveThese wonderfully unique cakes

Part two of iLoveThese ideas for unique wedding cakes. Step out of the norm with these wonderful cakes for your wedding reception

I especially love the book cake! Maybe you met each other in a bookstore. Maybe you both are avid readers. Get your guests talking about your favourite books.

iLoveThese Wonderfully Unique Cakes 2


Lindsay Docherty Photography said...

it would be nice if you would link to the sources where you found these. that way the photographer/owner of the image gets the credit they rightly deserve and brides can go to the source if they see something they like.

An Atlanta Bride said...

The one with the forks around it....GORGEOUS CAKE AND GORGEOUS DISPLAY!!!

synergylyn said...

LDP, thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to include my sources next time.

AAB, I love the one with the books. So unique!