Monday, 15 October 2007

Themes - iLoveThese inspirations for a beach theme wedding

Beach weddings are popular especially in warmer weather. Some ideas for a beach theme wedding are:

  • Use natural materials for your wedding favours or bomboniere
  • Make full use of the gorgeous backdrop you have - the ocean!
  • Use a lot of white accented with one bold colour (too many colours will detract from the natural scenery)
  • Think casual, flirty and breezy
  • Use flowers with a tropical feel such as orchids
  • Serve "coloured" food on a white background
  • Don't wear shoes with your wedding dress if you don't have to
iLoveThese ideas for a beach themed wedding


HamiHarri said...

That veggie setup looks devine!

synergylyn said...

And healthy too!

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