Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Fashion - iLoveThese gowns from Kenneth Pool (Grey's Anatomy's chosen gown designer)

In the highly anticipated season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina played by Sandra Oh wears a Kenneth Pool gown. iLoveThese Kenneth Pool gowns pools (!!) together my favourite gowns from his latest design collection.

iLoveThese gowns


CrazyLobster said...

Your blog is very aspiring. Makes every single lady wants to get married immediately. Keep up the god work!

Crystal said...

Hey - just a note, according to a recent article on the TIME Cnn website, the Grey;s gown was an Amsale Aberra

There are definitely amazing gowns

synergylyn said...

Lobster - Thanks :D We try out best at i-Weddings to help brides out there to plan the wedding of their dreams. We've been there before too!

Crystal - You are right about Cristina's gown in Grey's Anatomy. It was an Amsale Aberra. It was actually designed by Kenneth Pool for Amsale Aberra. Thanks for the feedback. It's much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Katherine Heigel's pink ball gown she wore for the prom at the end of Season 2 on Grey's Anatomy is also an Amsale gown - it can be seen (in white) on Amsale's website from last year's collection.