Monday, 23 July 2007

Reception planning - A personalised wedding is in the details

Details such as personalised bomboniere or wedding favours, napkins, colour theme, chair covers and signature drinks make or break the wedding.

Perhaps one of the most fun things to do to personalise your wedding is choosing your signature drink. I would suggest that you pick your colour theme first before starting on this journey.

signature drinks 2

Once you’ve decided on your colour theme, it’ll be easier to decide on your signature drink. Next is to decide which is your favourite cocktail. Naturally it’ll be great if both you and your fiancĂ©(e) have the same favourite cocktail. But if you don’t, don’t fret. You can have more than one signature drink. If you have two, use the each person’s favourite cocktail as the basis for each one. If you have four, use each cocktail as the basis for two. You get the drift.

Then it’s time to make it personal. I say go crazy with your experimentation. Set aside one day per week where all you do is experiment with different ingredients for your signature drink. Check out this website for some help!

signature drinks 1

And of course once you’ve settled on the ingredients, don’t forget that your job is not done yet. The coolest signature drinks have cool accessories. Figure out what type of straw you want, if any, and any embellishments, such as fruits or a little parasol, that you may wish to add on.

Some helpful websites:
Cocktail Database


fifilaroach said...

Wow! Just one more thing to consider. The signature drink is a great idea, and I love the color coordination idea. Cheers!

Jason said...

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synergylyn said...

I've always believed that it is the details that maketh the wedding. And signature drinks are so cool! You can really personalise your wedding with some creative signature drinks.

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