Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Proposals - How do I propose to her?

There are so many unique ways to propose; as the number of romantic couples so are there unique ways to propose.

1. Use usual items and turn them into something unique and special: print on a T-shirt and make sure to wear it when she least expects it. Hang a sign up in the house or in public – this simple gesture has proven to be one of the most exciting ways to offer.

2. Unusual places – proposing marriage while camping out, flying in a hot air balloon, or visiting a safari in Africa – any original and unique place will increase your special moment and turn it into an unforgettable moment which will long be talked of.

3. Some unique marriage proposals require long preparations: printing a message in a magazine, flying in an airplane over a field covered with a large sign saying: 'will you marry me'. All the preparations turn out to be worthwhile – your marriage proposal will be unique and exciting, increasing the chances of your sweet beloved one to say the magic word: YES.

4. Using street performers, friends dressed up as cops or public service men who attend your loved one and then surprise her with a romantic letter from you, asking her to marry you – all means are good, just make sure your unique marriage proposal consists of romance, humor, style, drama and glamor. The unique mix of these elements ensures that you create a successful marriage proposal.

Some stories to inspire you:

1. No competition
My favorite sport is riding bikes; I practice a few times a week and take part in various competitions. So when I came to propose to Miranda I decided to use my hobby as an advantage –on the back of my bike I put a flag up with the sign: Miranda will you marry me?" and entered the competition with the flag on my bike. Miranda wasn’t supposed to come to the grounds where the competition was taking place but I knew she would be watching it on TV at home and I hoped the cameras would take a close shot of me and the flag…. And they sure did!

I know, from her telling me later, that she leapt up from the sofa, gave a serious scream and… well you can imagine her excitement. Her mum was the first to call, a minute later, her family and many of our friends saw it at the same time on TV and they too called her on the phone.

I was still riding my bike, concentrating on the competition but also wondering whether she had already seen the sign or not…. An hour later the competition was over and before I was able to reach my mobile phone the TV camera was photographing me, and I was asked what this was all about. I faced the camera and said on live broad cast: "Miranda I love you, will you marry me?" People around me were cheering.

I know it touched the hearts of many people, (deep down inside ourselves we all want others to be happy and loved), then somebody handed me my phone – I think it was my friend Gary – and finally I was able to talk to my love, who by this time was crying with joy - and heard her say the sweet word I was so longing to hear: YES!!!

Then I held out to the cameras the engagement ring I had kept all that time around my neck and showed it to the cameras. I think by that time she almost fainted at home…. Shortly after when we met we could say to one another all that was to say – that we dearly loved one another – and I could give her the diamond ring.

2. Second-time lucky
My marriage proposal idea is kind of unique. I met Revital about 6 years ago just a few days before her birthday so a year later I knew she would be expecting me to propose on her birthday. I made reservations at a fancy restaurant and gave her subtle hints that I was going to propose that night.

I am a little teaser by nature, so that night just before we left for the restaurant I gave her a birthday present. I bought her a pair of diamond earrings and put them in a small jewelry box. Of course she expected me to propose at that same instant since the box looked just like a diamond ring box. When she opened the box and saw the earrings you could see she was disappointed since obviously she expected me to pop the question. She put on the earrings, thanked me and we left for the restaurant.

The evening went well with us drinking a whole bottle of wine. You could see she was waiting for me to propose and she did her best to give me many opportunities. When we finally asked for the check I could see she was disappointed I didn’t propose.

Just before we left for the restaurant I put many presents on her bed and hid the diamond engagement ring under her pillow. I even bought some marriage magazines and had them gift wrapped so she couldn’t tell what they were. We got home and went to bed and then she saw the presents and finally I proposed.

We spent the rest of the night going through the marriage magazines and planning our wedding. We have just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and still laugh at how I proposed.

3. He loves me, he loves me not

I was given a dozen roses. Inside one of them had a ring. they were sent to me with the instructions of playing He loves me -- he loves me not. until I found the ring.

Think you've got a better proposal story? Email it to me and share it with the world!

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